Law Enforcement
Rekor’s vehicle recognition and ALPR solutions provide law enforcement with invaluable data for conducting efficient and effective investigations, allowing for live alerting using hot lists of known offenders and monitoring of motorists to increase public safety.

The Law Enforcement Challenge

With a population of over 300 million and over 260 million vehicles in the United States, law enforcement agencies need effective, efficient, and affordable tools to help them serve and protect. The biggest challenge and greatest inhibitor of any investigation is a lack of resources and time.

Rekor Provides Intelligent Solutions

Artificial intelligence-based ALPR and vehicle recognition allows officers to spend their time investigating, rather than combing through data by hand. Rekor provides highly accurate, flexible, and affordable fixed and mobile vehicle recognition solutions to ensure law enforcement agencies have the best possible tools available.

See How ALPR Combats Crime

Take an inside look at the Westchester Police Real-Time Crime Center and see how Westchester County, NY is using vehicle recognition to combat crime. Story reported by News Center 12, Westchester County, New York.


Vehicle Recognition Systems to Aid Law Enforcement Agencies

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